How to care

Diamonds & natural gemstones

Diamonds & natural gemstones

How to care for diamonds and natural gemstones

Jewellery can last forever if taken good care of. Luckily, there are several things you can do yourself to care for your jewellery. It all depends on its material properties, as jewellery shouldn’t be cleaned and polished the same way – whether it is solid gold, plated gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones or pearls, each type should be cared for differently. We have collected our best tips and tricks for at home cleaning and polishing of your jewellery.

With diamonds and natural gemstones, you should:

1)    Examine the prongs
Sometimes, the stones are only kept in place by dirt and grime (especially in older pieces), so check for any loose prongs before cleaning and polishing the piece.

2)    Clean diamonds and gems 
Create a mixture of two cups of warm water and a few drops of dish soap or detergent. Allow the piece of jewellery to soak in the mixture for twenty minutes.

3)    Use a soft brush
Use a very soft brush to remove dirt. Make sure the brush won't scratch the metal of the jewellery piece.

4)    Rinse the piece
For both diamonds and other natural gemstones, rinse the piece in warm water after cleaning.

5)    Let it dry
After rinsing, let the piece dry on a piece of tissue.

6) Store it safely
Always keep your diamond or gemstones pieces safe in a jewellery box or in a cloth jewellery bag.

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