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The jewellery industry is faced by a number of challenges when it comes to sustainability, and we need new solutions and real change. Many of our designers are already independently pushing for a new agenda, and we are seeing developments across the industry. Headstrong and uncompromising, some have even founded their companies in order to innovate and push the sustainability agenda forward. From recycled materials to fair mining

practices, we are hopeful and optimistic, but also aware that it is not going to happen overnight. Many of you are conscious about your choices, and value mindful practices as much as aesthetics. Luckily, it is not a choice of one or the other, and in our sustainability guide you can learn more about the way our designers work with sustainability and shop from our edit of mindfully crafted and beautiful jewellery.

Where does it come from?

Recycled precious metals
The longevity of gold and silver is what makes it great for crafting jewellery. It can literally last a lifetime or longer. However, mining practices can be highly problematic and have a negative impact on local communities and ecosystems. Recycling precious metals already mined from the earth in the past is a way to change the sourcing patterns of the industry, and many of our designers work only with recycled materials.  

Ethical sourcing
Traceability and transparency are key when it comes to ethical sourcing. Fair mining practices deal with environmental and social impact on the ground and in the communities that are dependent on mining for survival. Knowing where materials come from and how they are mined is an important step in the progress towards a more sustainable practice for designers and for customers who want to make informed choices when purchasing a piece of jewellery.

How is it produced?

Local production
Almost all of our designers produce their jewellery locally, personally crafting or overseeing how the jewellery is made, ensuring high quality and low-impact studio methods.

Mindful practices
Rethinking traditional structures from sourcing of materials to diversity, equal opportunity and community service, some of our designers are creating major changes on all levels of their companies.