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Based in Copenhagen

In an eclectic universe of multiethnicity and magic, this designer crafts spectacular pieces meant to outlive us all.

Growing up between two cultures, the rightly celebrated jewellery artist, Orit Elhanati, has created her distinctive universe of ELHANATI in the mix of Scandinavian minimalism and Middle Eastern mystery. Her jewellery, often

intricate, always intuitive and with a powerful sense for organic structures and surfaces, are like miniature wearable pieces of art. More than anything, through her attentive gaze and unique vision, she crafts magic.

Designer Interview

Orit Elhanati: “My universe is somewhat silent, but also very chaotic at the same time. Anything can happen here.”

When it comes to precious metals, you always use gold. How come gold is so special to you?

Gold tells a story... it has its own story to tell. I am in love with the color and the power that gold possesses.

Your work expresses both childhood memories, nature and stories from Israel. How do you translate experiences and memories into jewellery in your practice?

Israel is a part of me, and as such is always part of my work, at all times. It is my story, and it is complex, electrifying and confusing at times. I am a mix of two cultures and have tried to find my own way amidst the chaos, which have led me to create a universe around me that is uniquely my own.

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