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Rebekka Notkin

Based in Copenhagen

Traditional craftsmanship takes centerstage in Rebekka Notkin's enchanting universe of pieces of jewellery detached from time

Chances are you’ve noticed Rebekka Notkin’s immaculate creations; with a timeless elegance and outstanding craftsmanship, they’ve gained popularity in her home country of Denmark and abroad. From her beautiful studio in the center of

Copenhagen, she creates jewellery inspired by the magic of history; and each individually crafted design has a unique story to tell. Rebekka lives and breathes her profession, jewellery design being her calling in life.

Designer Interview

Rebekka Notkin: "If you are not wearing your jewellery, it can feel like a part of you is missing. It can hold such importance that it works like a talisman of sorts."

I read somewhere that your father was a goldsmith. Have you always known that you would follow in his footsteps?

Not exactly, but everything I’ve done, what I’ve been preoccupied with and things I’ve been interested in have been miniatures—doll house furniture, Barbie clothing, jewellery for my dolls and paper dolls. And when I was allowed in my father’s workshop, it felt like magic. So from that point in time, I knew.

You were an apprentice of Torben Frisch: a very classic craftsman? 

It was a workshop, where we did work for other goldsmiths. It was a traditional workshop with classic assignments.

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