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Carolina de Barros


Carolina de Barros is a German-Brazilian jewellery designer currently based in London, specialising in creating sustainable and ethical handcrafted jewellery. Inspired by her everyday life and the works of renowned artists like Tarsila do Amaral & Barbara Hepworth, Carolina's designs beautifully channel organic shapes and artfulness.

Highlights & awards:
  • All inspired by natural beauty
  • Slow sustainability and ethical handcrafted jewellery
  • Ethically sourced pearls and gemstones from RJC-certified suppliers
Specialises in:
  • Ethically sourced precious metals
  • Ancient technique of lost wax casting

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Why we love Carolina de Barros

"Carolina's designs blend artistic inspiration with nature's wonders, empowering modern women through timeless, eco-conscious craftsmanship."

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