What to consider when buying peridot jewellery

The warm yellow-green tones of peridot make it easy to see why peridot jewellery has remained a staple of jewellery lovers over the years. As a hard wearing gemstone with a fantastic sparkle, peridot has fascinated jewellers and scientists alike for centuries. Read on to find out more about this peculiar gemstone.

What is Peridot?

The gemstone we know as peridot is in fact a type of mineral called olivine. Olivine is one of the most abundant minerals on earth, often found in lava or igneous rocks, and usually occurs as weathered grains too small to fashion into jewellery. Despite the abundance of olivine in the earth's crust, finding large gem quality specimens remains quite a challenge. Peridot is a special stone as it is one of the few coloured gemstones that only displays one colour - green. From brownish-green to yellow-green, there’s bound to be a peridot shade to suit your style.

Out of this world

If you fancy something a little extraterrestrial, peridot is the gemstone for you. Gemstone quality peridots have been discovered fused within the matrix of pallasite meteorites, with a notable example being the Esquel Meteorite. In 1951 an Argentinian farmer stumbled across a metallic rock with large transparent yellow-green windows. The rock was later purchased from the farmer in 1992 and delivered to a meteorite expert in the US who identified the transparent green material as extraterrestrial peridot.

A gift for a special royal

The Duchess of Sussex eternity ring has more meaning than we realised. It is said that Harry gifted the special ring to Meghan on their first wedding anniversary, and includes the couple and son Archie’s birthstones (Peridot, Emerald & Sapphire). Born in August, Meghan’s birthstone is Peridot. 

Back down to earth

Peridot was highly valued by early civilisations because of its perceived protective powers. It was thought that this vitreous green gemstone could protect the wearer from nightmares and sharpen the mind and help realise destinies.

Peridot jewellery

Although we can't promise that you will find your spiritual purpose, we can promise that you’ll find stylish, unique peridot jewellery at Finematter. These sweet Baby Birthstone Peridot Studs by Satomi Kawakita make the perfect gift for August babies as peridot is their official birthstone. You don’t have to be born in August to treat yourself to some peridot jewellery - add some colour to your jewellery box with the Secret Garden Leaf Pendant by Pippa Small or this elegantly simple peridot solitaire ring by Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden

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