What to consider when buying sapphire jewellery

Sapphire is one of the big three when it comes to precious gemstones, with the finest examples displaying deeply saturated colours and incredible brilliance. It's a well known fact that the month of September hosts more birthdays than any other month so it is fitting that Sapphire is the stone chosen for September babies, as this special stone comes in more colours than any other precious gemstone species. 

What is Sapphire?

More than just a blue gemstone, Sapphire is the name given to the gem quality mineral corundum. Corundum is best known for its relative hardness and toughness, ranking just below diamond at number nine on the Moh’s scale. The hardness of corundum makes this mineral ideal for cutting and polishing into wearable gemstones. 

You may be most familiar with the blue varieties of sapphire, such as the stone featured in Princess Diana’s iconic engagement ring which boasts a large, oval blue Ceylon sapphire. The popularity of rich blue sapphire jewellery skyrocketed after the royal engagement with many jewellers receiving requests to emulate the now famous style.

Although blue sapphire has remained a classic choice for centuries, in more recent years other colours of sapphire have gained popularity across the globe. Sapphires come in almost every colour under the sun and are referred to as Fancy Colour Sapphires. From juicy orange tones to soft sage greens, the increased availability of fancy colour sapphires has given designers and jewellers the ability to truly experiment with colour in their work.

A notable source of uniquely coloured sapphires comes from surprising locality in the United States of America. Montana sapphires were first discovered in alluvial deposits along the Missouri River during the goldrush in 1865. Since then, the state of Montana has been producing both blue and fancy coloured sapphires from the same deposits. Montana sapphires are known for their steely blues, teals and lavenders that have become extremely trendy in the last few years.

Sapphire jewellery

Whether you prefer the classic blue hues or are looking to add more variety to your coloured gemstone jewellery collection, sapphire is always a great place to start. From the stunning Curves Ring by Joanna Jablko which features a trio of fancy coloured sapphires to these sweet Baby Blue Birthstone Sapphire Studs by Satomi Kawakita, you’re sure to find a wide range of sapphire shapes and colours at Finematter. 

When it comes to birthdays September may be oversubscribed but there are plenty of sapphire jewellery options for you to choose from at Finematter, including pendant sapphire necklaces to sapphire earrings and stackable sapphire rings. Shop our curated collection of handcrafted sapphire jewellery sure to be your next timeless piece.

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