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Tiana Marie Combes


Tiana Marie Combes presents a line of fine jewellery inspired by equestrian utilitarianism and timeless antiquity, showcasing a harmonious blend of substance and refined elegance. Crafted locally in her native Los Angeles using reclaimed fine metals, each piece in the collection exudes an understated and enduring charm with its signature satin finish.

Highlights & awards:
  • Crafted locally in native LA
  • Equestrian utilitarianism and timeless antiquity
  • Each piece exhibits a level of detail and craftsmanship that ensures its longevity

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“Tiana Marie Combes captures the essence of equestrian utilitarianism and enduring antiquity in her remarkable collection of fine jewellery. Her locally crafted pieces, with their delicate balance of substance and refined beauty, are a timeless testament to her deep connection to sustainable craftsmanship.”


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