Symbols of eternity and connection

Symbolically, chains were forever immortalised in Fleetwood Mac's 70s hit, The Chain. As symbols of eternity and permanent bonds and connections, chains make for perfect pieces of jewellery. Many of us wear jewellery for its meaning and often because of a special memory or person who gifted us the piece. The symbolic value of chains is perfect for that purpose. With the oldest examples of chains that we know of dating back in time to 2500 B.C.'s Babylonia, chains were an important part of ancient jewellery across civilisations.

And it is still one of the most popular forms of necklaces and bracelets. Chains, by definition, is a series of links or rings, connected or fitted into one another, but that’s where the similarities in modern jewellery stop. Today, they come in endless variations and different lengths, thicknesses and styles. It’s a forever classic and an ideal piece of jewellery for anyone, whether understated or bold. Wear it for aesthetic purposes or with an added layer of meaning. It’s up to you!

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