Andrea Theodora Smidt

Andrea Theodora Smidt

Name: Andrea Theodora Smidt

Occupation: Ceramicist

What jewellery did you wear in the portrait? I’m wearing a silver ring from Australian Ribs & Dust, an earring made by my dear friend, Signe, and a Corali ring. The rest are heirlooms from my grandmother. 

What is your own favourite piece of jewellery, and why? I got a ring from my boyfriend with his fingerprint engraved. It reminds me everyday that he is by my side. Very cheeky but nevertheless very important. I highly respect the craftsmanship behind jewellery and to get such a personal handmade piece makes me feel very lucky. 

Can you describe a cherished memory connected to jewellery? My grandma sadly passed away years ago. My granddad is gifting me one of her pieces every year for my birthday. I’m eager to see her whole collection but patiently waiting literally like a little girl on my birthday. I remember my grandma as beautiful and filled with sparkling jewellery. 

What does jewellery mean to you? I’m so lucky that all of my jewellery has been gifted to me from people close to me. It makes each and every piece special to me. Each piece of jewellery has a story to tell and that’s my favorite thing about it. I love asking people I meet about stories behind their jewellery as you always get to know the person a little bit better. 

How do you use jewellery – do you have a daily uniform, do you wear special pieces for parties, is it embellishment, a second skin, or? I always wear three rings as a second skin. If I’m going to a special occasion I’m dressing up by adding more jewellery. I love simple pieces so that I can add a lot. 

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