Melissa Bech

Melissa Bech

Name: Melissa Bech

Occupation: Co-Founder & Brand Director at Blanche

What jewellery did you wear in the portrait? Some of my moms old stuff and some pieces from Griegst and Corali.

What is your own favourite piece of jewellery, and why? My diamond gold hoop earrings, because I never take them off and it’s a symbol of hard work from me to me.

Can you describe a cherished memory connected to jewellery? My dad gave my mom a gold necklace when she had my sister. For my sister's 30th birthday, she divided the necklace in 3; one for her, one for my sister and one for me.

What does jewellery mean to you? I’ve always loved jewellery, and actually thought I was going into it. I lived in NYC, working for Pamela Love, as a 21-year-old. I love the fact that you make a choice to wear jewellery (with clothing, you have to wear it to avoid walking around naked).

How do you use jewellery – do you have a daily uniform, do you wear special pieces for parties, is it embellishment, a second skin, or? I always keep my earrings and gold bracelet on. If I leave the house without some of my rings I feel completely naked.

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