Rose Hermansen

Rose Hermansen

Name: Rose Hermansen

Occupation: Co-owner of the design studio atelier axo

What jewellery did you wear in the portrait? On the finger I wear my engagement ring with an engraved drawing of two kissing pigeons by Matisse. On the same finger, I wear 'element one ring' designed by my favorite Caroline Sillesen, who is behind the jewellery brand 'Corali', where my beloved 'Rose earring' is also from. Around my neck I wear a homemade pearl necklace, made by my good friend Nastya.

What is your own favourite piece of jewellery, and why? My engagement ring means a huge deal to me - every day it reminds me of how lucky I am.

Can you describe a cherished memory connected to jewellery? Pretty much all my jewellery was gifts, that way they all have lovely little stories associated with them. I have a pair of earrings from my grandmother which I wear occasionally, I love them dearly, she was an amazing woman.

What does jewellery mean to you? To me, jewellery is small fragments of memories. Every time I put them on or look at them, memories and stories arise.

How do you use jewellery – do you have a daily uniform, do you wear special pieces for parties, is it embellishment, a second skin, or? I wear my rings every single day. Otherwise, I freestyle a bit in terms of mood and events. Sometimes I love to wear a lot, both gold and silver, other days it’s quite minimal and bare.

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