Digital Certificate

Jewellery is the ultimate circular possession

Finematter exists to create a shift from consumption to responsible, lasting ownership. Our Digital Certificate is unique in the industry, giving you confidence in the pieces you own.

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Digital Certificate

The lifelong companion for your jewellery

Digital proof

We safely store your certificate online, accessible with a private link to those you share it with.

Backed by the maker and us

Data is provided directly by the piece’s maker and recorded by us.

With provenance

From its moment of creation, this certificate will track the piece’s servicing and ownership.

Benefits of the digital certificate

Buy and invest with confidence

When you buy a piece with a Finematter digital certificate, you can be 100% sure of the piece’s authenticity

Simplify insuring your piece

Show proof of ownership and material quality when getting your piece insured or making a claim.

Backup to claim warranty

We hope you never need to use your piece’s warranty, but just in case, our digital certificate is always there (even if you lost the receipt).

Easier to resell

If you ever decide to sell the jewellery piece, this certificate increases buyer’s trust and can be transferred to the new owner.

We are creating the foundation for trust in owning and trading jewellery

Finematter is committed to modernising an analogue industry with an “operating system” that the global jewellery market will run on.

Through technology and transparency, we’re creating the infrastructure for a new global market to flourish. We’re mapping the world’s jewellery collection, one piece at a time.

Finematter's digital certificate in sleeve


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