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Inspired by the sentimental warmth evoked by her own family heirlooms, Lauren created Lavey London to share that same joy with you and your loved ones. With a deep commitment to ethical standards and sustainability, Lauren rejects mass production and instead meticulously handcrafts each piece from solid recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds.

Highlights & awards:
  • Hand detailed personalisation
  • Influenced by British and Irish ancestry
  • Everyday heirlooms
Specialises in:
  • Labgrown diamonds
  • 9k yellow gold
  • Recycled metals
  • Everday pieces

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Why we love LaveyLondon

Lauren's jewellery is beautifully handcrafted and each piece will fit perfectly into your everyday jewellery box. They have a touch of something special that feels like it has been around for generations. And you are buying from a brand that you know is carefully considering their impact on the planet at each stage of the process.

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