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Helping jewellery designers digitise and scale, sustainably!

Finematter is an entirely new distribution channel, making it attractive and simple to sell fine jewellery online. We take care of all aspects of the customer experience; from marketing to customer service.  

In an ultra-fragmented market, we know how challenging it can be not only to scale beyond a single store, but to digitise in ways that make sense financially. By cutting out the middleman, Finematter offers a distribution alternative to other wholesale players; allowing jewellery designers to earn significantly more on each sale without having to invest in inventory upfront.

The process of purchasing jewellery is entirely different from apparel, and we have built a universe to match these characteristics. In a jewellery-centered environment with love and passion for aesthetics, beauty and details, we present our jewellery designers with respect for their individual brands and in a way where visual display takes centerstage: across all platforms, content and communication.

Ultimately, we want to become an active partner in building our designers’ businesses in ways that are good for both the planet and their finances. We believe in full transparency and knowledge-sharing across our platform to create meaningful dialogue and growth.

We are in a continuous process of expansion, and we are always looking to collaborate with new designers from across the globe. We want to keep exploring the world of fine jewellery to offer our customers a varied and exciting selection of the most outstanding pieces.

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