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Hera kite diamond engraving necklace

One of a kind - only one piece made
Metal - 18 kt yellow gold
Gemstone - 0.67 CTTW diamond
One of a kind
This is a unique piece and is the only one available. Ships in 1-2 days.
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Product Details

001 Metals
002 Gemstones
003 Diamonds
004 Size & Fit
  • Primary material - Yellow gold
  • Karat - 18 kt
  • Durability - Solid
Yellow gold
Designer Interview

Brooke Gregson: "I tend to go for stones that are good quality, but from my upbringing, being around stones that served a spiritual purpose, I tend to go for stones that have an intrinsic character."

What’s your background and can you describe your journey into jewellery?

Growing up in Los Angeles, you are more exposed to the spiritual side of things. My mother was always very into yoga and spirituality, and she collected crystals and rocks. She would go on trips to Sedona, where you can find rose quartz, agates, crystal phantoms, and she would bring them back with her. It is funny when you look back and ask yourself, ‘how did I get here?’ and it is all of a sudden very obvious, because we literally had a terrace filled with crystals. I was exposed to the spiritual side of rocks and gems through my mother. My father on the other hand was actually a jewellery collector. It was a big part of our family; my great aunt used to collect charm bracelets. My father loved going to jewellery galleries, looking for art deco jewellery, Bakelite, he loved anything that was really unique. He once bought me this Victorian lapis and fire opal necklace, and it was such a unique piece that it took a lot of hard work to find. Jewellery was definitely part of my upbringing, but it didn’t even occur to me that I could become a jewellery designer until I moved to England. 

What did you do before this?

I was an art history major, and funnily enough my first job after college graduating with an art history major, was at the Crystalarium. It is a big crystal shop in Hollywood, and this is when I learned the healing qualities of stones. My life is definitely not linear. After living in Los Angeles, finishing college, I moved to England and started a new life as a textile designer. I went to Chelsea School of Arts studying textiles, and I did work as a textile designer for 3 years. But on the side, I started beading. At first, I could only afford cheaper crystals and I would sell them for 50 dollars to anyone who would even look at them. It was very organic.

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About the designer

Brooke Gregson

Growing up surrounded by crystals and stones, Brooke Gregson was exposed to the spiritual side of things from a young age. After studying and working with textile design, she slowly transitioned into jewellery design, taking the tactility and her understanding of texture from her background and applying it in jewellery collections that honour the healing powers of stones and exceptional craftsmanship. Astrology and spirituality are still important to Brooke, whose unique use of outstanding gemstones give her pieces an otherworldly feeling and leaves the wearer with a sense of its protective and grounding powers.


Adheres to the following sustainability practices

  • Local production
  • Highest studio standards
  • Direct carbonneutral shipping
  • Plastic-free and recyclable packaging