Recycle Terms

These service terms ('Recycle Terms') set out the legal terms that apply to your use of our Recycle service ('Recycle Service').

Capitalised terms used but not defined shall have the respective meanings given to them in the Master Terms of Service. When we refer to 'Credit' we mean the value of your jewellery (such value to be assessed by us in accordance with these Recycle Terms) which we issue to you as credit for you to use to purchase our Services (for example, purchase products using our Jewellery Purchase Service). When we refer to 'Estimated Appraised Value' we mean the approximate valuation of your jewellery, which is based on the information you send to us at the time you place your order. When we refer to 'Final Appraised Value' we mean our physical review and valuation of your jewellery.

Recycle Service

Recycle Service Our Recycle Service allows you to recycle jewellery that you no longer wear by sending it to us in return for Credit. We will also appraise your jewellery to tell you how much it is worth. Further details are set out on the Website as may be updated from time to time. 

Provision of Recycle Service We will provide the Recycle Service within the period set out on our Website (as may be updated from time to time). We will do all that we reasonably can to provide the Recycle Service within the period agreed with you. If there might be a delay before we can start or restart the Recycle Service, we will email you to let you know as soon as reasonably possible. 

Recycle process

After you place an order for our Recycle Service via the Website and provide us with the information requested, we will send you a confirmation email and the Estimated Appraised Value. No valuations are final until we have received the jewellery from you and issued our Final Appraised Value. 

When you receive the Estimated Appraised Value and you confirm you wish to proceed with the Recycle Service, we will send to you a recycling pack for you to package your jewellery and send it to us. 

Once we receive your jewellery, we will conduct an in-person appraisal of its value and send you the Final Appraised Value. If the Final Appraised Value is within 10% of the Estimated Appraised Value, we shall recycle your jewellery and issue you with Credit equal to the Final Appraised Value. 

Order acceptance

Acceptance of your order takes place when you send us your jewellery in accordance with section 1.3(c) above. Upon sending your jewellery to us, you are consenting to us recycling your jewellery and this consent cannot be withdrawn unless your order is cancelled as set out in these Recycle Terms. We reserve the right not to accept your order if, for example, the Recycle Service has been withdrawn or is otherwise not available, or you do not meet the eligibility criteria (e.g. you are under 18).

Availability All orders are subject to availability. We cannot guarantee that our Recycle Service will be available at any given time or in the country in which you live.

Your obligations

Your obligations When you submit your order to us, you are promising that the jewellery you wish to recycle is: (a) genuine, (b) solely your property and does not belong to anyone else, and (c) is not subject to any hire purchase agreement, charge or other third party interest. 

Information we need from you You promise that your description of your jewellery is accurate and not misleading. An inaccurate, false or misleading description may lead to an inaccurate Estimated Appraised Value of your jewellery and any such valuation will be reviewed and may subsequently be decreased when we receive your jewellery from you. 

Jewellery valuation

Valuation We understand that not all customers are experts in assessing the condition of their jewellery and therefore we carry out a thorough inspection of your jewellery before proceeding to recycle it. All Estimated Appraised Values are therefore not legally binding. 

Credit value If we consider that the jewellery is not as described by you in any way that affects its value, the Credit that we offer for it will differ from the Estimated Appraised Value. In the event our Final Appraised Value is more than 10% higher, or more than 10% lower, than the Estimated Appraised Value, we will notify you in writing and you will have the option to cancel your order. 


Cancelling orders Orders for our Recycle Service cannot be cancelled after Credit has been issued to you. Please see further information below on the circumstances in which you may cancel your order:  

If our Final Appraised Value is more than 10% higher, or more than 10% lower, than the Estimated Appraised Value, we will let you know. If you then confirm to us that you:

wish to proceed with the Recycle Service, it will not be possible to cancel your order; or 

do not wish to proceed with the Recycle Service, your order will be deemed to be cancelled and we shall return your jewellery to you. We may charge you reasonable costs for returning your jewellery to you.

Depending on where you live, you may have a legal right to cancel your order under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 ('CCRs') or equivalent consumer legislation.  You may exercise your CCR right to cancel during the 14-day cooling-off period, provided that you do so before sending jewellery to us. By sending us your jewellery before the 14-day cooling-off period has expired, you are requesting that we provide the Recycle Service and you will no longer be able to exercise your CCR right to cancel.

To cancel a contract, you must clearly inform us, by email at, giving us your name, address and order reference or by completing and returning the cancellation form at the end of the Master Terms of Service and sending it by email to It will only be possible to cancel a contract if the circumstances in section 4.1(a)(ii) applies.

Delivery services

Your obligations We cover the cost of you posting your jewellery to us. We also cover the cost of insuring your jewellery whilst it is in transit but you must do the following in order for us to do so: 

Take a photo of your jewellery just before you send it to us (we may need you to send this to us in the unlikely event something goes wrong in transit); 

You follow the instructions we send to you (e.g. you apply the address label appropriately and you package the jewellery securely using the kit we send you);

Complete any information required by our delivery partner (e.g. indicating the value of your jewellery; this should be the Estimated Appraised Value); and

Keep secure the proof of postage you receive from our delivery partner when sending your jewellery to us. 

Title and risk 

Title Your jewellery will remain your property until Credit is issued to you. In the event your order is cancelled, no Credit will be issued and title to your jewellery shall remain with you. 

Risk We become responsible for your jewellery when you hand it to our delivery partner in accordance with section 5 above. In the event your order is not accepted, we shall remain responsible for your jewellery until it is received by you.


In the event something goes wrong (e.g., we lose your jewellery in transit), our maximum liability to you is Credit equivalent to the Estimated Appraised Value. 


If you have any problems or complaints, please let us know using our Contact Us page.

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