Powering aftercare for the jewellery industry 

Close the loop and offer your customers an outstanding aftercare experience with less of the manual work and hassle.

Offer repairs, replating and resizing to your customers wherever they are in the world, in a smoother, faster and more sustainable way. 


Closing the loop is the future of business - join us and be part of the circular revolution in jewellery

Why Finematter aftercare

Offer repairs instead of replacing

Honour the importance that your customers attribute to your pieces, and offer them a way to keep wearing and loving them forever. 

Service customers globally

Offer the same stellar service to all your customers, also those who don’t live in your home market and can’t pop into your store.

None of the manual work & hassle

Eradicate the time suck and hassle of aftercare - no more back-and-forth with customers, evaluating individual pieces, figuring out shipping, and the rest of it. 

Make your business 100% circular

Prolonging the lifetime of your products is an impactful way to reduce the need for virgin material extraction and curb co2 emissions. 

Make aftercare management a breeze with our purpose-built system

Our streamlined repair booking process simplifies the entire aftercare journey, guiding your customer effortlessly through a simple flow and allowing you to keep track at all stages. 

  • Customise your own repair order page and link to it on your website
  • Automate customer notifications at all stages of the repair process
  • Keep full visibility in your order management dashboard 
  • Control your settings to match your warranty programme

Tap into our global network of jewellery workshops

We offer fulfilment of repairs, replating & resizing in your customer’s home market, via our global network of vetted jewellers & workshops. We work with specialist workshops with 20+ experience in their craft, and integrate with international logistics carriers to offer fast, insured shipping in-market, all across the world.

  • Offer high-quality repairs, replating and resizing to your customers
  • Service customers whichever country they’re in
  • Automate shipping & label creation 
  • Offer your customers a 1-week turnaround

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