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Gabriela Artigas


Gabriela Artigas is a fine jewellery line designed and made in Los Angeles. Run by the Artigas sisters, Teresita and Gabriela, who find joy in the small details of everyday life and in their surroundings of many socially diverse and vibrant cultures. With their strong sense of compassion, humor and humanity, the Mexican siblings’ jewellery and business practice are based on core values of collaboration, integrity and love.

Highlights & awards:
  • Made by hand in limited numbers
  • Known for rounded shapes with pointed tusks
  • Contrasts are a key feature
  • Inspired by architecture
Specialises in:
  • White diamonds
  • 14kt solid yellow gold

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"The best in everyday statement jewellery. With influences from both LA and Mexican cultures, these are contemporary pieces that make an impact."

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