Eternal tusk pendant
Eternal tusk pendant
Eternal tusk pendant
Eternal tusk pendant
Eternal tusk pendant
Eternal tusk pendant
14 kt solid yellow gold

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Expert digest

Simple yet bold, this Gabriela Artigas necklace adds a little bit of edge to your jewellery collection.


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Metal Durability

Made of solid 14 karat yellow gold, with the piece comprising one single type of metal. May need an occasional polish if worn regularly to maintain its shine.

Brand Recognition

"The best in everyday statement jewellery. With influences from both LA and Mexican cultures, these are contemporary pieces that make an impact."

Product details


Yellow gold

A precious and highly durable metal which comes in different golden hues depending on its purity.

14 kt

58.3% gold content, relatively hard with a subdued yellow hue, making it a popular choice for jewellery that lasts a lifetime.


Made of a single, solid precious metal or metal alloy. Highly durable, can always be re-polished to regain its shine after wear.


The surface has been polished to give it a bright shine. It can always be re-polished to regain its shine after wear.

Size and fit

Pendant necklace

Lobster claw


Description of property



Description of property

Designer Interview

Gabriela Artigas: "It goes beyond my understanding, but when I look at a piece of jewellery, it brings me joy."

Designer photo

How would you describe your design aesthetics?

We are really into architecture and mid-century specifically, with a very clean, modern and simple aesthetic. This translates into our jewellery. For us, it is about timeless pieces, and an extension of our hearts. It is about shapes, and it is very visual for us. When you leave one of our rings on a table, it looks beautiful on the inside and on the outside. A piece needs to be polished from every single angle. It should be beautiful from every angle. It is basically little sculptures.

Looking at your jewellery, it feels like it can blend into anyone’s aesthetic in a way. It suits many different people, beauties and aesthetics?

We believe that we have a very clear aesthetic, but also that our pieces are simple enough for anyone to wear. They are very easy to play with. We have very young customers, and we have an old clientele too. It is amazing to see how a 15-year-old can wear the same piece as an 80-year-old. It is a beautiful piece by itself, but it all really depends on who is wearing it and how they wear it.

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