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BHANSALI and the ONE collection

BHANSALI and the ONE collection

Anar Bhansali is the American-born Indian fine jewellery designer who founded BHANSALI in 2014. Designing with the idea that beauty lies at the intersection of form and function, Anar believes the simplest designs can be the most powerful.

BHANSALI pieces emphasise the inherent beauty of exceptional materials and precise craftsmanship.

With a focus on ethical design and processes, BHANSALI collaborates with generational ateliers certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council, and sustainable suppliers.

Anar studied at University of Southern California and the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and after showcasing her work in the Middle East earned the attention of royal families throughout the region.

Influenced by her heritage and global travels, the jeweller specialises in simple, refined designs that appeal to a global audience.

Anar is not the first in her family to work in the jewellery industry. The Bhansali family has a long-standing legacy in the diamond industry spanning three generations. Her maternal grandfather served as Chairman of the Indian Gem and Jewelry Export Promotion Council, and her paternal grandfather was a well-reputed coloured stone dealer who earned the trust of royal clientele.

Her father, Samir Bhansali, pioneered high-end and innovative jewellery design techniques, including the use of sliced and inlayed diamonds, winning eight consecutive Town & Country Best Design Awards in the process.

Anar says: “I am humbled to be following in the footsteps of my father and grandfathers before me, and to have the opportunity to continue their legacy. Family is everything to me, and my team is more than just a group of individuals. We are an extended family that supports and empowers each other to create something truly special.

“We believe that we are not just in the business of creating jewellery, but of crafting heirlooms that transcend generations.”

Designing and making fine jewellery that will be passed down generations, BHANSALI uses the finest materials: 18kt Gold, GVS Diamonds, and the best, ethically-sourced gemstones.

We believe that we are not just in the business of creating jewellery, but of crafting heirlooms that transcend generations.

Bhansali uses fusion stones when their design needs cannot be met by natural gemstones. Fusion stones are lab-grown from seeds of actual gems under conditions simulating the extremely high heat and pressure which creates their natural counterparts. In terms of composition, hardness, colour, clarity and lustre,

fusion stones are exactly the same as nature-made gemstones without the inclusions and impurities.

Fusion stones are untreated and will never lose or change colour. Anar uses fusion stones as “the physical purity of lab-created stones make them well suited for our diamond-cluster inlay process”. For anyone who wants natural stones, Bhansali offers natural Amethyst, Black Onyx, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Pink Quartz, and White Quartz.

BHANSALI’s ONE collection offers exceptional simplicity. A modern take on the iconic diamond stud earring, “the collection embodies the beauty of simplicity, where one piece of jewellery can make a powerful statement through understated elegance”.

Anar says: “The ONE collection’s modest yet striking appearance beautifully conceals the intricacies of its crafting.

“Inlay, an old world technique in fine jewellery, involves embedding diamonds into a gemstone. By creating a recessed area in the gemstone, diamonds are calibrated and set to fit perfectly into that space.

“The mastery required for this technique demands exceptional skill and craftsmanship, as well as stones that are cut and shaped to perfection.”

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