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Alexandra Cordon


Discover the modern mythology of Alexandra Cordon. Inspired by the votive animal offerings, motifs and talismans of ancient civilisations, every piece of Alexandra Cordon jewellery is handcrafted by former fashion journalist Gemma Champ in the heart of London's jewellery district. Gemma uses recycled gold and silver with a glorious array of gemstones, diamonds and pearls that are either vintage or ethically sourced. And the name Alexandra Cordon? It's made from Gemma's middle names – reclaimed and recycled, just like the antique gems she uses.

Highlights & awards:
  • Ethical and transparent
  • Versatile and customisable
  • One-of-a-kind gems and pearls
  • Channel ancient mythology
Specialises in:
  • Vintage gemstones
  • Solid gold
  • Special pearls
  • Animal inspirations

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