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Delfina Delettrez


Delfina Delettrez, a fourth-generation Fendi, established her eponymous label in 2007. Based in Rome, she collaborates with local goldsmiths and artisans, drawing inspiration from Italian culture and the natural world. Her pioneering designs redefine traditional jewellery codes with phantom settings, fluid suspensions, and unexpected combinations.

Highlights & awards:
  • Fourth generation Fendi
  • Celebrated as next-gen fine jeweller
  • Collections are all handmade in Rome
  • Hyper-modern designs
Specialises in:
  • Rich emeralds
  • Natural diamonds
  • 18kt solid yellow gold

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Why we love Delfina Delettrez

"With taste, quality and modernity, Delfina hints at her Fendi dynasty, whilst effortlessly giving a new take on traditional styles such as the tennis bracelet. We enjoy the touch of playful design too!"

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