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EVA REMENYI is a passionate, design led jewelry brand born in 2012 and run by a dynamic couple, Eva and Gerzson. Their ethos is to bring fresh perspectives and contemporary solutions to the traditional goldsmith techniques. Responsible production and sustainability is at the forefront of the brand's values. All pieces are handcrafted using the age-old, lost wax technique in their Budapest studio. Inspired by the imperfect beauty of mother nature, the mysticity of ancient cultures and the hallmarks of the early goldsmithing. The earthy, organic jewels serve as modern talismans and give strength to the wearer. The sculptural pieces move the unconscious, the final message of the abstract forms is left to the wearer. Exactly this personality is what makes these pieces almost feel part of us.

Highlights & awards:
  • Handcrafted locally in Budapest
  • Organic forms
  • Wearable statement pieces
  • Featured in Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazar
Specialises in:
  • Gold vermeil
  • Recycled gold and sterling silver
  • Natural diamonds

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MOM Park 53 Alkotás street 53. Budapest 1123, Hungary

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