Cosma diamond necklace

Cosma diamond necklace
Cosma diamond necklace
Cosma diamond necklace
Cosma diamond necklace
Cosma diamond necklace
Cosma diamond necklace

Cosma diamond necklace

18 kt solid yellow gold0.5 ct in 1 diamond

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The clean form of this necklace showcases the beauty of gold and diamond. A stunning diamond necklace.


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Metal Durability

Made of solid 18 karat yellow gold, with the piece comprising one single type of metal. May need an occasional polish if worn regularly to maintain its shine.

Gemstone Quality

An amazing gemstone, will make a statement and retain it's value for a lifetime.

Brand Recognition

Katherine knows how to decorate an ear. Set with pearls or diamonds, her signature ear pins and crescendo cuffs make a bold statement. Choose from fine pavé or a single stone, she has handpicked some incredible ones.

Product details


Yellow gold

A precious and highly durable metal which comes in different golden hues depending on its purity.

18 kt

75.0% gold content, a warm buttery yellow hue and considered the most classic gold. An exclusive as well as durable precious metal.


Made of a single, solid precious metal or metal alloy. Highly durable, can always be re-polished to regain its shine after wear.


The surface has been polished to give it a bright shine. It can always be re-polished to regain its shine after wear.



A 0.5ct brilliant cut diamond hand set in the KATKIM signature octagon setting.

0.5 carat

The unit of weight for diamonds, equivalent to 0.2 grams.



Inclusions are only visible with effort under 10x magnification.



Almost completely colourless, a rare white and highly valuable. (Grade F)





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Size and fit

Pendant necklace

Lobster claw


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Description of property

Designer Interview

Katherine Kim: "I do a lot of my own research to make sure I am making the smartest and most responsible decisions for my business and practice. That was my number one priority when starting my business."

Designer photo

Maybe we can start with your journey into jewellery? It was kind of a coincidence?

I was in a different field for sure. The jewellery industry is such a unique sector, I would say. I didn’t have family members or anyone I knew growing up in the industry, so it kind of happened serendipitously. I was majoring in graphic design during college and then I did a few internships in New York at design agencies. I realised that it wasn’t really for me, being in front of a computer. It was not inspiring, so I decided to study abroad. I applied to Central Saint Martins, and I took their jewellery course there, and I just completely fell in love, and that’s when I shifted gears into jewellery. Jewellery for me has always been something where it takes me back to certain memories. I love that element of it; translating my ideas into something tangible that can be around with you forever. I loved how that whole idea was so meaningful and rewarding, so I decided to pursue it. And I am here today, doing jewellery.

Your background in graphic design also had a very creative aspect to it with drawing and shapes and so on. It makes sense that it could lead to something completely different, like jewellery design.

For sure. My training in graphic design definitely helped me, and I’ve been hearing that it shows in my work. A lot of my pieces are definitely very graphic. That training carried on with me through my work now.

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