What to consider when layering necklaces

There is no particular prescription for how to layer your necklaces, but we do suggest to think about the following; either go for a look with necklaces all in the same material, or for a more ironic and individual look, you can pair unlikely and different materials together for a harmonious ‘clash’.

If you’re sticking to the same material, let’s say gold (doesn’t matter which carat) different textures, chains and pendants create a rich, textural and somewhat sentimental look when layering necklaces.

Mix those metals & materials

If you’re eyeing option two and up for the challenge of juxtaposing materials for your layered necklace look, It’s a really fun way of playing hide and seek with chunky pearls or hand carved semi-precious gemstones but then paired with a more muted chain.

And lastly, don’t shy away from the multi-metal look! Feel free to mix your yellow gold, white gold and rose gold together. We suggest to try keep the chains light and thin (i.e chokers) rather than bold and thick for a more sparkly effect. Let the colours, rather than the weight do the talking. This look is absolutely gorgeous and harks back to Cartier’s famous Trinity Ring, a tri-colour braid of rose, yellow and white gold.

Length variation for layered necklaces

One last styling note that we want to mention, is the length of your necklace.

Common necklace lengths can be anywhere from 12” right up to about 20”. Wearing them approximately 2” apart for a very even look, will be the perfect way to display necklaces in a ‘cluster’ or ‘stacking’ format. For example, say you choose a 14”, 16”, 18” necklace, this will have a symmetrical and cascading-like effect.

The alternative is to wear intentionally different length necklaces with a sizeable gap between them. Say for example a choker coupled with an exaggerated long strand necklace that may or may not be double-looped around the neck. The space between them might be large, but you are layering each strand and pendant with unfettered exposure.

Either way, you can be rest assured that both interpretations on layering with different lengths will draw attention from admirers.

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