How to care for your jewellery this summer season

The sun is out, flights are booked, bikinis bought and now all you have to do is pick out some jewellery to accentuate your summer style. Summer is the ideal season to experiment with bold mixed metals, natural textures and coloured gemstones. Before you go crazy selecting your favourite coloured gemstone jewellery you may want to first consider how durable your coloured stones are, and more importantly, their stability.

What is stability?

The stability of a gemstone is described as its ability to withstand damage or alteration by chemicals or light which then affects the stone’s overall durability. Unlike diamonds, which are among the most durable stones, coloured gemstones and pearls can be sensitive to harsh chemicals like chlorine, sun cream and perfumes. Certain metals like silver can also react with these common chemicals so it’s important to choose your summer jewellery carefully.

Semi-precious gemstones like carnelian, garnet and amethyst are considerably more stable than precious gemstones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires, making them the perfect swim, party and sweat-proof jewellery.

Beaded jewellery

This summer, the semi-precious gemstones are stealing the spotlight and it’s not difficult to see why. The wide variety of colour and texture displayed by these stones makes for truly eye-catching, versatile summer jewellery. This Tiger’s Eye Bead Necklace by Azlee is a great example of how a simple design is effortlessly elevated by the considered use of semi-precious stones. This piece features rectangular beads of tiger’s eye, expertly polished to accentuate the subtle sheen that this stone displays, perfect for those who enjoy natural tones and textures.

Colourful semi-precious gemstones

If you’re not keen to jump on the beaded jewellery trend, there are many other ways in which semi-precious stones are fashioned. Perfectly demonstrated by Sophie Joanne, carved semi-precious gemstones are a playful way to incorporate interesting shapes into your summer jewellery collection. These Carnation Crystal Drop Earrings feature hand-carved rock crystal carnation petals and a sprinkling of tsavorite garnet, encased in 14 karat gold. 

Gemstone jewellery is the perfect way to inject colour into your summer wardrobe especially when it comes to semi-precious stones. Whether you’re exploring a new city or firmly planted on the beach this summer, there’s such a wide variety of semi-precious gemstone jewellery available at Finematter, you’re bound to find your new favourite summer pieces that are guaranteed not only to last for the whole season, but for a lifetime.

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