Jewellery is always highly personal, but one of a kind jewellery takes it all to another level.

One of kind jewellery, or OOAK, is a unique piece of jewellery you can be sure you won’t see on anyone else. Designed and handcrafted by an artisan jeweller, it has no duplicate.

While one of a kind jewellery is unique, it’s not to be confused with custom or bespoke jewellery, where a piece is made exclusively for you, from design to production. OOAK means only one piece was made of a particular design.

At Finematter, we offer one of a kind jewellery from a range of exceptional designers.

One of a kind designers at Finematter

Eva Noga

Combining her passion for gardening with her love of jewellery, Eva’s one of a kind jewellery is handcrafted in New York. The designer elevates botanical shapes with faceted gemstones and 14k gold settings.

Sara Jin Mi

Fine jewellery made for everyday use: Sara Jin Mi’s luxurious pieces aren’t meant to be locked away. Handcrafting in the heart of Copenhagen, Sara’s unique jewellery takes inspiration from nature.

Rachel Boston

Rachel is based in East London and creates beautiful, ethical jewellery with an Art Deco aesthetic. All jewellery is made with 100% recycled metal and the gemstones are sourced from suppliers who follow strict ethical standards.

Coralie Grzes

Inspired by architectural details, sculptural art and geometric shapes, Coralie is a French designer based in Barcelona. All her pieces are created and finished by hand and use Fairmined metals and traceable gems.

Martine Jans Jewellery

Martine is a goldsmith, designer and maker based in Brighton & Hove. Her one of a kind jewellery pieces are delicate, feminine and handmade in silver and gold. 

Susan MacLeod

Susan is a Scottish jeweller based in London. Inspired by nature, and using ethically sourced stones and metals, she makes her unique jewellery by hand. Her distinctive botanical style can be seen in her one of a kind jewellery.


Designed in the UK and crafted in India, Pomegranate is the quintessential East meets West brand. Handmade with free size gemstones, Pomegranate follows ethical practices and only works in precious metal. 

Saskia Besiakov

Goldsmith Saskia Besiakov is inspired by architecture and music. The Danish designer’s OOAK jewellery is playful, graphic and feminine. 

Are you looking for a bespoke piece?

Designing your own piece is highly personal and no design is too big, small or crazy. You may want to bring a vision to life, update an old heirloom, or modify an existing piece on our website. 

Please don't hesitate to contact Customer Service to discuss possibilities, our team can guide you through the process.

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