What to consider when choosing your perfect ring

When it comes to planning a wedding, there is no shortage of traditions that many couples aim to follow, from the colour of the wedding dress to the song they choose for their first dance. And while there’s nothing wrong with honouring traditions from the past, there’s also nothing stopping you from colouring outside the lines, especially when choosing your wedding ring. Long after you’ve said “I do,” your special wedding ring will be there as a symbol of your love — so it’s important to love the ring you choose. If that means selecting an alternative wedding ring, then hopefully this guide will help you bravely find a ring that matches your unique style and brings a smile to your face for many years to come.

Styles of Rings

Deciding on the style of ring you want is one of the first steps in finding your perfect ring. Among the available alternative wedding rings, you’ll find the following styles:

Dainty. Whether you have small hands or just prefer a simple look, dainty wedding rings are a popular favourite that can be just as impressive as their larger counterparts. They typically have a small, solitaire gemstone with rounded cuts, whisper-thin bands, and little to no design work in the band itself. Be sure to browse WWAKE’s collection of dainty alternative wedding rings, like the Diamond Three Step Ring with its delicate lines and tiny stones.

Statement. While all unique wedding rings make a statement of some kind, some may do so more than others. Statement wedding rings might have chunky bands, unusual shapes or colours, or unique gemstones in a variety of settings. For example, the buttery yellow Milestone Double Ring by Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden Jewellery features subtle layers and space to add precious gemstones in celebration of life’s momentous occasions; wear it alone or stack it with other bands for an even bolder statement.

Minimalist. Simple and clean, minimalist alternative wedding bands have no stones, giving them a sleek look that’s ideal for those who appreciate the essentials in life. Bands like ELHANATI’s String Ring and Satomi Kawakita’s Homespun Band define the style with simple yet elegant lines that make these rings beautiful alone or stacked with other bands.

Diamonds versus gemstones. Traditional diamonds might be some gals’ best friends, but they’re not for everyone — or, in some cases, they may not be the star of the show. Other options for coloured gemstones can include emerald, sapphire, or turquoise.

Artisan. The artisan-style engagement ring is all about the details: small stones and organic lines are hallmarks of this style. Brides who choose artisan alternative wedding rings celebrate the imperfections as marks of handcrafted art. We love the handmade Aella Diamond Band Ring by ELI-O with its raw but elegant look.

Types of Metals

When selecting a metal for your ring, it’s important to understand how different metals fit into your lifestyle. Someone who works with their hands every day and is very active on the weekends may need something more durable than someone who types at a computer, for example — although any type of normal wear and tear can impact certain metals. Here are the basics to know:

Gold. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold — there are many different options for this classic metal. Note that the higher the karat count, the softer and more susceptible it is to scratches and dents. For instance, 22kt or 24kt gold is generally too soft to wear every day, so consider buying an 18kt, 14kt, or 9kt gold wedding ring if you’re concerned about imperfections.

Platinum. Among the rarest and most expensive of metals, platinum is a durable precious metal capable of handling wear and tear while keeping stones securely in place. 

Palladium. While not as durable as platinum, palladium has a similar lustrous shine without the high price tag. It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it ideal for anyone who’s highly active — although it’s more likely to show scratches than platinum.

Sterling silver. Another classic among precious metals, sterling silver is a popular choice for anyone who loves a glamorous shine at a more affordable price. Sterling silver is prone to scratches, however, and requires regular cleaning and polishing.

Titanium. Strong and scratch-resistant yet lightweight, titanium has a modern look and requires no special care. 

Tungsten. Four times stronger than titanium, tungsten is scratch-resistant and affordable. There’s something to be said for a little give in your metal, however, considering that tungsten can fracture if dropped on a hard surface. 

Where to Get a Wedding Band

Just like with unique engagement  rings, there are many different options for alternative wedding bands that venture outside the status quo. Our selection of unusual wedding bands includes a variety of shapes and styles from pioneering designers who have reimagined traditional wedding ring designs.

Ways to Wear Your Wedding Band

Traditionally, the wedding band goes on the same finger as the engagement ring, stacked under it, where it’s considered “closer to the heart.” But who says you have to follow tradition? Your personal wedding band is yours to enjoy, and you should wear it in whatever way makes you happy. Here are a few other ways to wear alternative wedding bands: 

Slip it on another finger or on the other hand

Wear it as a statement ring 

Stack it with other rings; you could even purchase more than one wedding band to stack around your engagement ring

Wear one ring at a time, alternating based on your mood

Wear your unique wedding bands on a chain as a necklace

Unique Wedding Rings From the Most Unique Designers

Choosing your wedding band can feel a little overwhelming if you’ve never considered them as an option before. If you’re looking for inspiration throughout the process, we’re here to help with our curated collection of alternative wedding rings and engagement rings. Each piece on Finematter is made by the most talented independent jewellery makers from around the world, all carefully sourced and vetted by our experts to be featured on our website. When you shop on Finematter, you’re buying directly from these jewellers, who handcraft your wedding ring design to order. It doesn’t get much more personalised than that.

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