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Monastery Jewellery


Monastery Jewellery is an atelier collection by South African artisan, Ashleigh McCulloch. Inspired by the sensorial connection of adornment to the body and the ancient history of metalsmithing, Monastery pieces reflect influences of ancient histories intertwined with punk sensibilities. The jewellery is designed to be both strong and understated. It represents austere solitude and allows adornments to speak for the wearer.

Highlights & awards:
  • Based between South Africa and The Netherlands
  • One woman business made ethically and with care
  • Handcrafted with care & precision
  • Paying homage to ancient and punk influences through elegant designs
Specialises in:
  • Sterling silver

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"Each design resonates with love, care, and a profound connection between the human body and art objects, making Monastery pieces a truly meaningful and captivating experience for every wearer."

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