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At Nora Capò Design, each piece of jewelry is meticulously crafted with passion and devotion. Nora embarks on journeys to collect real plants from diverse landscapes, capturing their essence through delicate casts. These casts serve as the foundation for her designs, enabling her to preserve the unique beauty of Nature in wearable art. As a dedicated jewelry designer and maker, Nora is driven by a deep reverence for the beauty and intricacy found in the natural world.

Highlights & awards:
  • Nature to Wear
  • Made locally in Denmark
  • Amulets from Nature
  • From Plants to Jewellery
Specialises in:
  • Plants casting
  • Organic textures
  • 18 Kt & 14 kt solid gold
  • Natural gemstones

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Ryesgade 108 A, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

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