Cool, modern and refined...

Sterling silver is no longer just sterling silver. It has taken on many new forms and contemporary expressions through experimentation with techniques and explorations of its potential. Contemporary jewellery designers are utilizing the properties of silver to create elaborate, sculptural and never-seen-before variations of sterling silver jewellery. From Leigh Miller’s magnificent creations to AGMES’s modern heirlooms, our wide range of sterling silver pieces speaks to its power, wearability and longevity.

Regardless of its shape and form, there’s something inherently cool, modern and refined about silver, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if more contemporary jewellery designers took a liking to the material. For now, shop our beautiful, surprising and enduring edit from some of the most interesting designers working with sterling silver today.

From dying stars to forms of currency

Research shows that the Big Bang, although violent, slowly created base and precious metals. The Big Bang theory suggests that through a process of expansion and explosion, hydrogen gas was created, which led to the formation of stars. Their cataclysmic supernova explosions (or deaths) then led to the creation of minerals – including silver. Historically, silver has played a prominent role in the production of jewellery and as currency: from its high value in Egyptian jewellery to its extreme importance as currency in Ancient Greek and Roman societies. At the dawn of history (meaning the part of the past we have written accounts of), silver was used as a currency in Mesopotamia. Not yet as in coins but by weight or in the forms of rings. In fact, silver has been synonymous with the history of money for 5,000 years, and we can trace the economic and monetary history of our past through significant events in silver supply and demand. In many ways, silver’s meaning reaches far beyond the singular piece of jewellery and back to the beginning of creation.

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