Finematter was founded with the ambition to help independent jewellery designers digitise and scale. From local studios across the world, they drive the design and creative processes of their marvellous and contemporary jewellery pieces. On, you can discover those independent designers who run businesses locally but with ambitions that reach beyond their physical location. You can find amazing upcoming talents and household names, all exploring and pushing the boundaries of jewellery design. We know that aesthetics has nothing to do with location, but creating responsibly does. We give you the best of both worlds: beautiful, visionary and handcrafted pieces, made locally.

That way you can shop designers who'll ship your piece directly from their studio, while at the same time getting to explore and wear styles from independent designers with roots in many different places. Featured here are some of our incredible independent designers in a combination of studio visits, behind the scenes and images that shows the sheer beauty of their pieces. We believe their stories are part of what makes them unique – just like a piece of jewellery.

Ellis Mhairi Cameron

Using recycled and traceable diamonds, Ellis is inspired by Scottish history and artefacts. Whether you are shopping for an alternative wedding band or a one of a kind engagement ring, you are sure to find this throughout Ellis' unique collections. The stones in her work appear buried, set to look as though they have just been discovered and pulled from the earth. Hand craftsmanship and fine materials are combined to make imperfect and beautiful sculptural forms.


Wing Yau, the maker behind WWAKE is a trained sculptor, pioneering a new take on jewellery and uses beautiful stones to create delicate, dreamy pieces. She is known for her signature shapes, modern designs and experimental edge, using a combination of ethically sourced opals and diamonds. A cult New York based brand who rethinks traditional structures.

Jo Riis-Hansen

Based in Copenhagen, Jo Riis-Hansen handcrafts everything in her studio in the center of the city. For Finematter, she's created an exclusive collection called Nebula. It's a collection of opposites, a merge of simple shapes with the extravagant. The pieces are a celebration of unity and love. But also, a reflection on the fact that you cannot enjoy the light if you don’t know the dark.

Satomi Kawakita Jewelry

Located in New York City, Satomi Kawakita appreciation of the mystique and unlimited beauty in the natural forms of gems, minerals and metals, is evident in the former professional diamond setter's jewellery. In her studio, she combines impeccable craftsmanship with a unique sense of beauty resulting in jewellery true to Satomi’s vision of creating meaningful and timeless pieces.


For Jean Prounis, there was only ever one colour of gold; the buttery yellow that we know from visiting museum exhibitions of ancient times. From Greco-Roman to Pre-Colombian, her vivid creations encompass ideas from civilisations long lost. In an imaginary conversation with her grandfather, Jean’s jewellery speaks to times of both yesterday and tomorrow, transcending time and honouring the grounding and protective powers of gold. Located in New York City, with everything handmade in the city, Jean's recognised for her ethical sourcing practices and her use of 22k gold.

Jessie Thomas

London-based Jessie Thomas learned her craft from her father, master goldsmith David Thomas, who she still works alongside in the workshop that she practically grew up in. A high level of craftsmanship, complicated technicality and wearability is key in creating the incredible pieces that transcends trends, exhibiting instead an aesthetics of something beautiful yet simple. Everything is handcrafted by the Thomases and often evolves organically during their creation.

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