It's time to go ring shopping

You have found the love of your life, and the day has come to ask your partner the big question. Ring shopping can be both stressful and confusing, and there are a number of things to consider when making this life-changing purchase. We have put together a guide to make it easier for you to find the perfect engagement ring.

1. Determine your partner's style
One of the most important things to consider when ring shopping is your partner’s style and personality. Would your partner like a classic ring? Or is your partner more untraditional? There is not one answer to the style of engagement rings, which makes it more confusing, but also much more exciting to shop for a ring!

2. Set a budget
You may have heard this rule of thumb about a three-month salary for engagement ring shopping, which is just ridiculous. Some can afford that, which is great, while others have less to spend on a ring. That does not mean you cannot find a beautiful ring, regardless of budget. We recommend setting a budget before going ring shopping in order for you to fully explore all your options!

3. Go online shopping
Buying an engagement ring is a big decision. When buying it online you can take your time browsing, come back as often as you like and maybe even show to a few friends and family members before making your final decision. We have made it easy and effortless for you to do so online. With our return policy, warranty and after-care services we have made it risk-free and with our expert consultations, you can get exactly the guidance you need. Read more about Finematter’s policies here.

4. Find the right size
It can be tricky to determine her ring size, but you could sneak a ring from her jewellery box to have it measured or trace one of her rings on a piece of paper. You can use our ring size guide to measure one of her existing rings. If you are still not sure, involve one of her friends!

5. Consider a diamond
If you are shopping for a diamond ring, there is a number of things to consider, most importantly the 4Cs. Diamond experts often cite the four Cs (colour, cut, clarity and carat) to grade a diamond. It is a good starting point when shopping for a diamond. While all 4Cs are important, the cut is be the most determining factor of how a diamond looks to the eye. As diamond expert and designer, Jade Trau, says: “Looking at a diamond from across the room, you are going to want the beautifully cut diamond, even if it is imperfect over the flawless one with a terrible cut.” But most important is the feeling that a stone gives you when you look at it. In the end, it is all about the meaning that we attach to it.

6. Decide on precious metals
The setting is important in not only style, but material too. Is your partner into yellow gold? White gold? Platinum? Have a look at your partner's other jewellery before you go shopping for the perfect ring. It will give you an idea of your partner's preferences.

7. Think outside the box
If you want something untraditional, look for surprising gemstones or unexpected settings. It should be about your partner and her taste!

8. Go custom
Consider working with one of our jewellery designers to create a custom design. It is not for everyone, but if you are into it, it is an amazing way to be a part of the process of creating something unique for the love of your life. On Finematter.com, we can help you find the perfect match through our virtual consultations.

9. Consider sustainability practices
Many of us care more about our buying behaviour than ever before and want to make informed choices. If you want to make a conscious choice about your ring, it is important to consider where it is from and how it is made. With our sustainability labels, it is easy to know about the provenance of its materials, the origin of the gemstone, and a number of other practices. You can read much more about our sustainability guidelines here.

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