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Helping jewellery designers digitise and scale, sustainably.

Finematter, who we are and our mission

Finematter is an entirely new distribution channel, making it attractive and simple to sell fine jewellery online. Our mission is to help our users select and invest in extraordinary, lifelong and collectable jewellery, from the world’s best makers.

What are we doing differently, and why?

We know how challenging it can be not only to scale beyond a single store, but to digitise in ways that make sense financially. By cutting out the middleman, we offer a distribution alternative to other wholesale players; allowing you to earn significantly more on each sale without having to invest in inventory upfront.

What we’re looking for in a partner

We work with the most talented and exciting makers across the world and we’re looking to bring on more partners, to join this unparalleled line up.

Qualities in our partners

  • 01. Independent makers for truly unique pieces
  • 02. Highest quality & craftsmanship to last forever
  • 03. Sustainable production practices

What Finematter will deliver

We have built a jewellery only environment to match the inherent characteristics of purchasing jewellery, and we take care of all aspects of the customer experience: from marketing to customer service. We make sure to present our designers with respect for their individual brands and in a way where visual display takes centerstage: across all platforms, content and communication.

What we can offer you

  • 01. Exciting new audience of fine jewellery collectors
  • 02. Beneficial and risk free model
  • 03. Handling of customer service and shipping logistics
  • 03. Dedicated editorial and marketing opportunities

Quotes from our makers

"Finematter's dedicated approach to sustainable practice connects individual designers with a like-minded global community. We feel very fortunate to be partnering with a platform that values quality craftsmanship and revolutionary transparency."

by Satomi Kawakita

"Would also like to point out that you have done a really good job with the new designers joining. I do feel that Finematter offer something that no one else does, and I am so happy to be a part of the makers team."

by Maria from Studio Bille

"Finematter has connected us with new international markets and made the experience seamless. Their branding is beautiful and the customer service offered to clients is exceptional. We are so pleased to have them as one of our online partners."

by Lizzie Mandler

"As a small jewelry brand focused on timeless designs, craftsmanship, and sustainable materials, we are grateful to be partnered with Finematter. They create a special experience for all of us through the care they put into their educational and passionate approach to bringing jewelry to their customers."


"Everything looks perfect! I am very excited to be joining the adventure tomorrow!’"

by Eli-o

"Love the site, love the content - Love all round!.

Our partnership with FINEMATTER has been great from the start!  The site is a great platform for discovery and the team is such a pleasure to work with!"

by Wwake

"It has been an absolute dream working with Finematter. Their chic site beautifully aligns with our company ethos and is the perfect platform to showcase our brand to the European market. Their team has taken such considered care to introduce Ariel Gordon Jewelry to new, global customers and we're excited to continue to grow our partnership with their incredible team."

by Ariel Gordon

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