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Founded by Chilean-American designer Brigid McNellis in 2020, Mon Pilar combines ancient craft traditions with modern luxury. Inspired by her mother, Monica Barbara Pilar, Brigid's handmade jewellery is meticulously crafted at her studio in Brooklyn, NY. With a dedication to preserving traditional techniques such as wax-carving, hand-fabrication, filigree, and granulation, Mon Pilar offers a unique and refreshing approach to jewellery making that stands out in today's mass-produced industry.

Highlights & awards:
  • Made by hand in Brooklyn, NYC
  • Dedication to wax-carving, hand-fabrication, filigree, and granulation
Specialises in:
  • Ethically sourced diamonds
  • Recycled gold

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"Brigid McNellis' dedication to preserving traditional methods shines through in each meticulously handcrafted piece, making Mon Pilar a true testament to the artistry and beauty of jewellery-making."

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