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Repair your jewellery

Even with the correct care, accidents can happen and your jewellery can become damaged. From snapped chains to broken earring posts, our experts can repair your fine jewellery so you can enjoy wearing it again.


Repair services & prices


Chain repair

Broken bracelet links or snapped chains will be seamlessly welded back together using the latest laser technology.



Earring post repair or replace

Repair or replace of broken, missing or out of shape earring pins and posts.


Price is for single earring or pair


Clasp repair or replace

Broken clasps will be repaired where possible. However, most will require a replacement clasp fitted.



Bead or pearl restring

If your piece measures over 30 inches, please contact us for a bespoke quote.



Ring shank repair

We can repair cracks or splits in your ring band. This service doesn't a new shank.


Ring claw or prong re-tip
This service includes rebuilding up to 2 claws or prongs.



Ring re-shape

We can reshape your misshapen, misshapen or bent ring.



Bangle or cuff reshape

We can reshape your misshapen, misshapen or bent bangle or cuff.



Stone replacement

If you jewellery is missing gemstones, we can replace and reset for you.

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How it works

Fill out the order form
We will give you a price right away.

Get your shipping label and send us your piece
Take your package to a local drop off point. Shipping is fast and insured.

Your jewellery is repaired by our goldsmiths
Within 3-4 days, your jewellery is repaired by one of our trusted partners.

Receive your freshly repaired piece
We'll send you back your piece good as new, ready to wear and enjoy for a long time to come.

Benefits of repairing your jewellery with us


We've made it easy - just order our repair service, pack your jewellery and drop it off at the nearest UPS drop off location.


We guarantee you won't find a better price elsewhere! You'll be able to see the final price before ordering.

Secure shipping

Your jewellery will be shipped safely with our pick-up and return service.

Handled by specialists

We only work with certified goldsmiths, who will repair your jewellery to the highest quality standards.

Your jewellery is in good hands

We work with certified goldsmiths who are experts in repairing jewellery of all kinds. Using a mix of traditional techniques with modern technology, we can have your old broken jewellery looking like new.

Start wearing your favourite pieces again"

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