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Replate your jewellery

Gold plating wears off over time, but there is no need to give up on the pieces you love. Get them replated and restored easily with Finematter, so you can keep wearing them for years to come.

Our certified goldsmith offers expert plating services for sterling silver or solid gold jewellery.

We can also give your jewellery a new look with a fresh layer of gold, even if it's not previously been gold plated. Transform your sterling silver jewellery into yellow gold pieces, or convert your yellow gold jewellery to rose gold.


Replating jewellery price list


Durable 1 micron

Recommended for earrings only. With regular and considerate wear, it will last you 1-2 years.

Yellow or rose gold $60

White Gold Rhodium $75


Very durable 2 micron

Recommended for earrings and necklaces. With regular and considerate wear, it will last you approximately 2 years.

Yellow or rose gold $80

White Gold Rhodium $100


Most durable 3 micron

Recommended for rings and bracelets. With regular and considerate wear, it will last you approximately 3 years.

Yellow or rose gold $105

White Gold Rhodium $125

How our replating service works

Fill out the form & place your order
Our prices are dependant on plating thickness of your choice. (karat and jewellery type don't affect price). White gold is available with a surcharge.

Get your shipping label and send us your piece
Take your package to a local drop off point. Insured shipping is charged at $20 per order.

Your jewellery is replated by our goldsmiths
Within 3-4 days, your jewellery is replated by one of our trusted partners.

Receive your freshly replated piece
We'll send you back your piece with a fresh layer of gold, ready to wear and enjoy for a long time to come.
Match the original look or choose a new one

Do you want to revive that look your piece had when you first bought it? Or maybe you want it to match with the rest of your jewellery collection?

You can choose which karat gold you’d like your jewellery replated with:

14 Karat
14 Karat
18 Karat
18 Karat
22 Karat
22 Karat
24 Karat
24 Karat

Benefits of replating your jewellery with us


We've made it easy - just order our replate service, get your shipping label and send your piece to us.


We guarantee you won't find a better price elsewhere! You'll be able to see the final price before ordering.

Secure shipping

Your jewellery will be shipped safely with our pick-up and return service.

Handled by specialists

We only work with certified goldsmiths, who will replate your jewellery to the highest quality standards.

Your jewellery is in good hands

We work with certified goldsmiths who are experts in gold-plating jewellery of all kinds. The process includes cleaning, polishing and replating. The end result is a piece that will shine like new.

Replating is an act of kindness to an old piece that has much more to give.

What our customers say


"Extremely helpful and responsive"


"Amazing results"


"Great communication, fast and professional"


"Looks better than ever"

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