Pearl and gold ear cuff
Pearl and gold ear cuff
Pearl and gold ear cuff
Pearl and gold ear cuff
Pearl and gold ear cuff
Pearl and gold ear cuff
18 kt solid yellow gold13 pearlsSingle earring

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A gold cuff adorned with pearls ascending in size, this is signature Yvonne Leon - transforming a traditional design to a visionary piece.


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Metal Durability

Made of solid 18 karat yellow gold, with the piece comprising one single type of metal. May need an occasional polish if worn regularly to maintain its shine.

Brand Recognition

"A fun and fresh take on fine jewellery. Yvonne’s playful styles and rainbow enamels are the coolest way to wear colour and express your individuality."

Product details


Yellow gold

A precious and highly durable metal which comes in different golden hues depending on its purity.

18 kt

75.0% gold content, a warm buttery yellow hue and considered the most classic gold. An exclusive as well as durable precious metal.


Made of a single, solid precious metal or metal alloy. Highly durable, can always be re-polished to regain its shine after wear.


The surface has been polished to give it a bright shine. It can always be re-polished to regain its shine after wear.




Perfectly spherical and shiny.

Size and fit

Cuff earring



Description of property

Designer Interview

Yvonne Leon: "I can find inspiration in almost anything. It can be the 70s, 80s, art deco, it can be the way the light reflects in a piece, it can be a mirror, its frame, it can even be a flower."

Designer photo

You grew up in a jeweller’s family. Was it always in the cards that you’d follow the same path?

I did indeed grow up in a jeweller’s family, and every time I did something different, I would always go back to jewellery. I worked in fashion, and I worked for a magazine for a while, but I kept returning to jewellery, it was always near, in my family and in the workshop. I was surrounded by and looking at jewellery. I was always attracted to it and would make jewellery for myself. Wearing my own creations, close friends of mine would start enquiring about making pieces for them, because they wanted the same things, and that’s really how it began.

You got recognition for the lobe earring first, and I read somewhere that the first version of that was actually something that your father designed back in the days?

Yes, he created a lobe earring for my mother. She did not want to have to pierce her ear again, which is why he created this system in order to find a different way of displaying the diamond, behind the lobe. Not only did he create one for her, but he also created a smaller one for me. Growing up, I would wear it, his work, but eventually, I would make some myself. I would take it further by incorporating animals and pearls, making it my own, but the diamond version was first created by my father.

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