How to identify

What type of metal your jewellery is made of

In order for us to recycle your jewellery, we need to know what it is made of. If you don’t know what metal your jewellery is made of, we can help you figure it out. Follow the steps below

Look for hallmarks

Look for a stamp
First off, look for a stamp on your jewellery. It will most likely be “hidden” on the backside of a pendant, inside of a ring or close to the closure on a bracelet or necklace. Those stamps are called hallmarks and mean that your piece of jewellery is made of a precious metal such as gold or silver. It might even include letters, AU for gold and AG for silver.

No stamp?
If your piece of jewellery does not have a hallmark/stamp, it most likely means that it is made of a non-precious metal, such as brass. However, in some cases the hallmark can have worn off, or the jewellery was never stamped in the first place – if you are unsure about whether your piece falls in this category, contact us and we can help you figure it out.

Understand the hallmark on your jewellery

You’ve found your hallmark
Now it is time to understand what it means. Follow the instructions below for either gold or silver jewellery:

Gold hallmarks
a. For gold pieces, the number stamped on your jewellery will tell you whether it’s either solid gold or gold-plated silver, as well as the karats of the gold. If it has one of the following numbers, it is solid gold:
375 = 9 karat
585 = 14 karat
750 = 18 karat
916 = 22 karat
990/999 = 24 karat
b. If your gold piece has a number that matches one of the silver hallmarks listed in the next section, it means that it is made of gold-plated silver. The piece will therefore be recycled as silver.
c. If your gold piece does not have a hallmark, it is most likely gold-plated brass.

Silver hallmarks
For silver, the numbers are different from gold and if you find one of the following numbers on your piece, it means that it is made of silver:
925 (Sterling Silver)
958 (Brittania Silver)

Cannot identify the number?
With old jewellery pieces, it can be difficult to make out the number. But if your piece of jewellery has a stamp of any kind, however ineligible, it will be made of a precious metal, and we will help figure out which one when you send us your jewellery.

Still not sure?
If you are not sure, please don’t hesitate to contact us or send us your pieces for us to figure it out! We have the expert knowledge needed to identify exactly what metal your pieces are made of.

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