Find your perfect piece of jewellery

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of jewellery for yourself, there’s a number of things to take into consideration. Is it a high quality piece? What makes it truly special to you? Are you prepared to maintain it over time? We’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the exciting process of buying a forever piece of jewellery. 

1. Consider the longevity of the jewellery piece
Think about the level of maintenance required to preserve the jewellery piece – are you prepared to maintain it over time or should it remain pristine even when worn in the shower, to the gym or at night? Here, the difference lies in solid and plated pieces. Solid pieces come at a higher price point given the amount of precious metal used, but will stay the same over time. Plated pieces can be bought at a lower price point due to a different base metal, but will fade over time. You can, however, always replate these pieces with a fresh layer of gold. Know the metals used, how and if they change over time, and decide what’s right for you.

2. Ensure that the piece is of high quality
Investigate the product properties of a jewellery piece before buying to ensure you’re investing in a high quality item. If it’s plated, how durable is the base metal and plating? If it’s set with gemstones, how good is the quality of the stones? If it’s vintage, is it authenticated by an expert? On Finematter, every piece has been through a thorough vetting process, and on our product pages we show all the details relevant for you to know and care about.

3. Decide what makes a piece unique and meaningful to you
One of the most important parts of buying a piece of jewellery is that it means something special to you. Should it be a handcrafted piece designed by an independent maker, something iconic from a renowned heritage brand, or maybe a limited edition vintage piece? We can help you find the perfect match among our makers and curators.

4. Buy sustainably 
When shopping for jewellery, consider the sustainable footprint. From sourcing of materials and reducing waste, to working conditions and environmental impact. At Finematter, we’ve made it easy for you to shop by values – every item is labeled according to our sustainability practices, so look for them when shopping for a piece of jewellery.

5. Consider whether you’re looking for an everyday or special occasion piece
When shopping for a piece of jewellery, consider how you plan to wear it. Is it for everyday or special occasions? If you’re shopping for everyday, you might want to look for a piece that can easily be styled with any of your outfits and that’s not too heavy to wear all the time, while you might want to consider some bigger statement pieces for special occasions, bought to match a certain outfit or to dress it up.

6. Consider going custom
A custom piece is created by a designer just for you and is a great way to invest in something truly one of a kind. The process of developing a custom piece can take many trajectories, depending on your desired level of involvement and creative freedom. You could immerse yourself completely in the creative process and design it in collaboration with a designer, which allows for a special connection to the piece, the moment and the designer. Or you could change the details of a piece you’ve fallen in love with – switch the colour of the stone, change the metal or adapt the size. Either way, we can help you find the perfect match among our designers.

7. Determine whether the piece should match your existing jewellery
Consider whether you’re looking for a piece that matches your existing jewellery in metal and tone. If you typically wear gold, this means that you’ll have to look at the karat of your existing pieces, as well as if they are matte or shiny gold. For sterling silver, this means to find out whether your existing pieces are oxidated, shiny or matte. Go for similar properties to match a new piece to your collection or try something completely new if you want to shake it up.

8. Find the right size
To make sure a jewellery piece fits, you need to consider size. For rings, determine which finger you want a piece for and remember that there might be a difference between your right and left hand size. We’ve created a ring size guide to make it easy for you to determine your size. For necklaces, you want to consider the length of the chain; how tight do you want it to sit around your neck? And if it’s meant to be worn with other necklaces, should it then differ in length? For bracelets, size may differ according to shape, and we therefore encourage you to use our bracelet size guide before buying. You can always consult the measurements of each piece on Finematter.com. 

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