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Christina Magdolna


Christina Magdolna's design language embodies nature’s precious imperfection through minimal aesthetics and kinetics. Bold, yet seductively romantic lines paired with delicate and organic textures, emphasise light to celebrate singular gemstones with vibrant chromatic patterns. Each piece, whether it is one-of-a-kind or part of the micro-production of collectible jewels, is sculpted and handcrafted using traditional techniques in Los Angeles.

Highlights & awards:
  • Joyful design code
  • Micro batch productions
  • Gemstones are selected for their unique characteristics
  • A celebration of light and movement
Specialises in:
  • Playful yet elegant design
  • Colour and movement
  • Tourmaline
  • 14kt solid gold

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"Christina's rings shine and glisten with every movement, while her necklaces make perfect additions for layering."

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