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With an uncompromising approach to sustainability, Kinraden is a contemporary jewellery brand in both style and philosophy. Founder Sarah Müllertz's creations echo her background in architecture; taking inspiration from Bauhaus, while her sensibilities are much more romantic, pointing to Emily Dickinson as an influence. Relentless in her pursuit of sustainability, Sarah is not afraid to challenge norms using unconventional materials like Mpingo wood instead of gemstones.

Highlights & awards:
  • A pioneer in sustainability
  • Architect turned jewellery designer
  • Celebrated brand featured in Vogue
Specialises in:
  • Recycled sterling silver
  • Mpingo "blackwood" diamonds
  • Architectural timeless jewellery
  • 18k solid recycled gold

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Why we love Kinraden

Minimal design, unique materials and sustainability first - Kinraden leads the way with a new approach to jewellery and  jewellery design.

Where to find them

Møntergade 3D DK-1116. Copenhagen Denmark

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