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Jewellery was not Caitlin Mociun’s first calling, but when she discovered it, she found home. It is a profession that not only makes her happy, but brings something special into the world. Known for her use of coloured gemstones and antique diamonds set in uncommon clusters, her remarkable eponymous Brooklyn-based jewellery house Mociun is such a unique brand in the world of jewellery that we couldn’t imagine her doing anything else.

Highlights & awards:
  • Uses antique diamonds
  • Known for clusters of gemstones
  • Cult following
  • Independent designer

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Why we love Mociun

"Caitlin Mociun designs modern, fairytale-like jewellery. Along with beautiful design, she has developed a group of loyal followers, who love her use of second-hand antique diamonds and one of a kind engagement rings."

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