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14 kt solid yellow gold

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Expert digest

This bold cocktail ring has a truly unique shape and looks great when worn on its own.


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Metal Durability

Made of solid 14 karat yellow gold, with the piece comprising one single type of metal. May need an occasional polish if worn regularly to maintain its shine.

Brand Recognition

Fie's jewellery is made to stand out with super polished gold and pops of precious gemstones. We especially love the new Boa collection, the snake designs with a sprinkling of diamonds.

Product details


Yellow gold

A precious and highly durable metal which comes in different golden hues depending on its purity.

14 kt

58.3% gold content, relatively hard with a subdued yellow hue, making it a popular choice for jewellery that lasts a lifetime.


Made of a single, solid precious metal or metal alloy. Highly durable, can always be re-polished to regain its shine after wear.


The surface has been polished to give it a bright shine. It can always be re-polished to regain its shine after wear.

Size and fit

Stackable ring



Description of property

Designer Interview

Fie Isolde: "Younger people are thinking about... buying one thing instead of ten things"

Designer photo

How did you get started?

I moved to LA 6.5 years ago to set up at that point my agency as I was repping all sorts of jewellery brands and most of our retail partners were based in LA so I thought it would be easiest to set up our headquarters there.  We moved to LA with a 3 month old and set up my company. I did about 2 years of repping. At some point I thought that I knew the market pretty well and also always wanted to open my own jewellery line, so I dived into it and hoped for the best.

How important is social media to you and your company?

It’s super important because if you don’t have it, it will limit you. Personally, I find it super challenging to be as active as I want to be because it's time consuming and difficult. I want to involve my customers in my full journey of making a piece, but if you have to sit on the phone all day and film, you won’t get anything done.

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This piece adheres to these sustainability practices

  • Direct carbonneutral shipping
  • Recycled gold
  • Plastic-free and recyclable packaging

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