About us

Finematter is the platform for all things jewellery.

What we believe

Giving weight to your life story

Excellent, of high quality
Physical substance in the universe, also to be important, to count, to be of significance
Life is made up of a series of moments. These moments define your story, and your story defines who you are. Jewellery is a physical manifestation of these life moments - your jewellery collection defines you, and a life well lived.
We believe jewellery should
  • 01 Be unique, not mainstream
  • 02 Last forever
  • 03 Be collectable
How it works / Our partners

We get applications from and scour the globe to find the most talented, undiscovered jewellers, and assess them according to a strict assessment criteria.

We currently partner with jewellers in:
London, Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Stockholm, Zurich
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Our Model

How our model benefits independent creatives — and you

When you place an order on Finematter, you are shopping directly from the jeweller. The piece of jewellery is made specifically for you, and sent directly to you from the jeweller.

This means that there are no warehouses, no inventory, no middlemen involved. It is the simplest, most direct and cleanest supply chain possible. And contrary to when you shop from traditional wholesale platforms, the majority of the sale goes to the maker. Finematter takes a commission on sales to help with customer service, shipping and quality assurance.

Who we are

People make companies, and these are some really great people.

Our office

4C Printing House Yard
London, E2 7PR
New York
447 Broadway 2nd Floor
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