Recycle and earn

Recycle your jewellery for Gold Credit

At Finematter, we want to create a more sustainable industry.

If you have jewellery you no longer wear, give it new life by recycling it with us in exchange for Gold Credit. The precious metal we recycle will eventually be used by our partners to make new jewellery, moving one step closer to a circular jewellery industry.


Benefits of trading in your old jewellery with us

Contribute to a more sustainable industry

Become part of a circular way of buying and producing jewellery.

Secure, free shipping

Your jewellery will be shipped safely with our insured pick-up and return service.

Pay less for new jewellery

That unused jewellery in your drawer can save you a lot on your next purchase.

No waiting, no fees

Spend your Gold Credit as soon as we have received your piece. You get 100% of the value — no fees.

How it works

Fill out the order form
We will give you an estimate of how much Gold Credit you can receive for your jewellery right away.

Get your recycling pack and send your piece to us
We will send you everything you need to pack and ship your old jewellery to us for recycling. Shipping is free and insured.

We will analyse your jewellery and confirm the Gold Credit
Once we have received your jewellery, we will accurately weigh and analyse it, and confirm the original estimate.

Use your Gold Credit to buy new jewellery
You will receive the credit in your Finematter account right away, ready to spend on new jewellery.

9kt gold, 4g, £106 credit


14kt gold, 12g, £330 credit


Sterling silver, 60g, £43 credit


18kt gold, 42g, £1737 credit


How much is your pre-loved piece worth?

Get an instant quote and trade your pre-loved piece for Gold Credit.
1.What metal is your piece made of? *

How to identify precious metals

2.How much does it weigh?

Trade in your old jewellery for credit

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